[su_heading size=”24″]Land of Dope and Tory – August 2020[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]The happy couple – July 2020[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]A case of mistaken identity – June 2020[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Back to abnormal – May 2020[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Roll over Beethoven – January to April 2020[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Whoosh! Another decade…. – December 2019[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]July to November 2019 – Jellyfish stings and departures[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]June 2019 – Don’t forget to dust yourself off[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Now is the month….[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]March and April 2019 B&H[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]January and February 2019[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]An apple a day – November & December 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Tear your heart out – September&October 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Tickling the ivories – July&August 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]23 May&June 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Old Joe has gone fishing – March and April 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]There is no such thing as society – February 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]20 January 2018[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Death of an angel -November and December 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]In A and E flat – September and October 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]What goes around… August 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]BBC CANWR Y BYD CAERDYDD – July 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Oom-pah – June 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]The Spring, clad all in gladness – May 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Via Crucis -April 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Dreaming spires – March 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Signs and symbols – January and February 2017[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Fin d’année – November & December 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]the-banks-of-the-wolf-september-october-2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]tangled-threads-august-2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Night out on the Promenade des Anglais – July 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Concerts in early summer – June 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]The road to Damascus – May 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Musical amateurs – April 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]RIP trees – March 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]Despatches from Wexford – February 2016[/su_heading] [su_heading size=”24″]The Rainbow Nation – January 2016[/su_heading]