Hotellerie Notre Dame de Lumières

For the last eight years we have held the summer school in the Luberon region in the South of France at a beautiful former 17th century convent which is now a hotel. We rehearse in the hotel’s octagonal chapel each day and give our concert in the church next door.

We are going back in 2020 – nothing will keep us away!

Here’s what some of our singers said about their hotel experience:

I thought the facilities were great!  It was nice to have everything in one location: rooms, rehearsal hall, concert space etc.  It’s excellent that there’s a bus stop just outside the hotel!!  Plus the two little restaurants, grocery, cave, pharmacy – all within walking distance.  It’s really an ideal place. Food: Excellent!
  Cy, Alto


Wonderful in every way: I can’t imagine a more beautiful, convenient and friendly place in which to spend a week. Could easily never go out at all!
Gill, Soprano


It’s hard to imagine another venue with as many of the different qualities this has – not too many maybe have a swimming pool AND a chapel – as well as transport convenience – pretty well guaranteed sun, being all together etc. Food? What can one say – they get their five stars for this.
Jenny, Alto


I love the hotel; it is just right; it is a perfect oasis and because of the active church it is indeed a special place with a special atmosphere. Of course the rooms are simple, but there is aircon in all rooms, a heated towel rail, hairdryer, double-glazing, a great pool, and superb food. Couldn’t be bettered from atmosphere point of view.
Jean, Alto